Frequently Asked Questions

Box Office and Ticket Sales

Are cameras/recording devices allowed at the performance?

No. Cameras (with or without a flash), video equipment or recording devices are not allowed unless the performer grants special permission. Unauthorized equipment is subject to confiscation. If you would like to check your equipment during the performance, please contact an usher or the House Manager.

Can I buy tickets for another performance while I’m at the theater to see a show?

The Box Office is staffed for performances so that it may efficiently serve patrons attending the show, and cannot sell tickets to other shows.

Can I return my tickets?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they may be exchanged for another event of the same season of equal value or less (patron pays the difference), if the tickets are returned 48 hours in advance. If you are unable to attend a performance for which you have purchased tickets, we encourage you to donate these tickets to a social service agency or share them with a friend.

Do you have rush seats/discounts?

Chandler does not offer discounted “rush” tickets.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. You can purchase gift certificates online in any amount at the Box Office or by phone at 802-728-9878.

Does my infant need a ticket if she is going to sit in my lap?

Yes. Every person attending a performance is required to have a ticket, including babes in arms. This allows us to keep track of the number of people at an event in case of emergency.

How will I know if I can see from my seats?

The Box Office will always advise you about obstructed-view seats.

If I purchase multiple tickets, will my seats be together?

Our staff will always select consecutive seats when filling your order, unless you have specifically requested otherwise. If there is any problem placing your seats together a Box Office representative will contact you before processing your order when you order by phone, email or mail.

What do I do if the show is canceled?

In the event of a cancellation, we will make every effort to notify patrons beforehand, often by telephone. You will be instructed to return your tickets to the Box Office, at which time the price of the tickets will be refunded. If you purchased your tickets with a credit card, your account will be credited. If you purchased your tickets with cash or a check, you will be mailed a refund check. Refunds cannot be processed for cash.

What if I can’t make it because of the weather?

If the performer has arrived and goes on as scheduled, we are contractually obligated to pay the performers. Therefore, we do not offer weather-related refunds. If you are uncertain about an event because of inclement weather, please call the Chandler office phone, 728-9878. A recording will notify you of any cancellations or changes. An announcement will also be posted on the homepage of our website.

When is the box office open?

The box office is open for phone orders at 802-728-6464, weekdays 12-5 pm, and 1.5 hours before show time on the day of the performance. Tickets may be purchased online at any time.

Where can I see a seating chart?

View a copy of Chandler’s seating chart online

General Convenience

Do you do tours? Can I see the theater?

Yes, we are always happy to welcome individuals or groups for an informal tour. Please call the Chandler Office to make arrangements at 802-728-9878.

What is the history of the building?

Chandler Music Hall was a gift to the community of Randolph from Colonel Albert B. Chandler in 1907. For about 25 years afterwards Chandler Music Hall was a busy place, under the management of local arts promoter Edgar Salisbury. Plays, concerts, lectures, silent films, operas, political meetings, and school events made it a real treasure for the Town. But the cumulative impact of the 1927 flood, the stock market crash and Great Depression, World War II, and the advent of home entertainment such as radio and TV combined to turn the hall into an echo chamber of memories. For more details and a happy ending, please refer to our history.

What kinds of other activities take place at Chandler?

In addition to a full schedule of performances and Gallery exhibits, Chandler hosts meetings for various community organizations, elections and Town Meeting for the town of Randolph, educational workshops, benefits, artist and author talks, dance recitals, and performances by community organizations such as Randolph Singers.

Where are the closest restaurants?

Please see the restaurant list on our Randolph area resources page.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of free parking within easy walking distance. There are several Municipal Lots off Main Street and South Pleasant Street. There is also a small lot at the corner of School and Summer Streets. The VT United Church of Christ office across from Chandler has room for about 30 cars. Parking is allowed in the Dubois & King parking lot across from Bethany Church on School Street after 6:30 PM. Finally, parking on the street is free.

Where is the closest ATM?

Just past Randolph National Bank on Main Street, about a block from Chandler.

Where is the handicapped parking?

There are spaces for handicapped parking along the side of the building in the laundromat parking lot to the left of Chandler.

Programming and Marketing

I have an idea for a performer that I think will do well at Chandler. Are you interested?

Absolutely! You can email the Executive Director with your suggestions.

The performance was different from the advertising. Why did this happen?

We strive to provide accurate information at all times about upcoming performances. Occasionally information provided to us by artists does not accurately reflect the performance presented because Artists reserve the right to make last-minute changes or because information passed on to us is outdated.

Where can I see an up-to-date list of all shows coming to Chandler?

Up-to-date listings can be found in our season flyer which is mailed each summer to those patrons in Chandler’s database. Rack cards can also be found in the Gallery and the main lobby of the Music Hall. View a complete listing of all Chandler-sponsored performances, gallery exhibits and activities, as well as those events sponsored by other organizations, online.

Who is responsible for deciding which shows will be booked?

The majority of shows presented at Chandler are booked by the Executive Director. Occasionally shows are presented by outside promoters who rent the theater and are responsible for setting the ticket prices, advertising and the quality of the production.

Why don’t you bring (insert your favorite artist here)?

There are many factors that go into deciding what artists to book — artist fees and availability, the size of the show (will it fit on our small stage?), how many people will attend and how much will they pay. Oftentimes, your favorite artist either doesn’t have a big enough following or is so popular that we can’t afford him or her.

Your Experience at the Show

Can I bring food or drinks into the hall?

No, the only exception is bottled water.

What should I wear?

Remember this is rural, small-town Vermont! We’d rather you were comfortable than stylish! It’s always a good idea to dress in layers so if you’re too cool or too warm, you can adjust your dress accordingly.

Why is the sound so loud? and its flip-side, Why can’t I hear?

Artists and their staff have specific requirements about how their shows should sound. The Chandler technical staff works closely with the artists to ensure that the levels are appropriate. However, from time to time, some audience members may find the levels either too loud or too soft for their personal taste.

Chandler is pleased to announce the availability of an assisted listening system for performances in Chandler Music Hall. The system works much like a Walkman or iPod. The patron wears a belt pack with headphones and receives a wireless signal that transmits the same sound the rest of the audience hears, but with the advantage of adjustable volume.

Patrons can either bring in their own headphones with a standard 1/8 inch headphone jack or can use earbuds or headphones provided by Chandler. Neck loops that connect to hearing aids are also offered.

Those interested in using this system are encouraged to indicate their need when ticket reservations are made and to arrive for a performance with sufficient time to get properly set up.