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Chandler's 2021 Student Art Exhibit

March 27th - April 25th

In 2020 Chandler Gallery’s student art exhibit opened 2 days before we began stay-at-home orders due to the Covid19 pandemic resulting in schools shutting down and the exhibit closed. On March 27 2021 the Gallery will reopen for the Spring season with student voices asserting I AM HERE  through their artistic creations. Area schools including  Randolph Elementary School, Remote OSSD  elementary art classes, Randolph Union High School, Brookfield Elementary, Braintree Elementary, Bethel Elementary, and the White River Valley Middle School will exhibit work from students preschool through high school.

Many schools have focused on students social and emotional well being through the arts during this year of transitions and change as our schools and community adapted.  The theme of I AM HERE reflects that emphasis with a variety of approaches. Sweet felted hearts created by students at Brookfield and Braintree Elementary School allowed students to express the affection and love that has sustained us all during this year. Students at RUHS created 3-dimensional dragons that provided opportunities to use the healing we find through imagination and fantasy. WRV Middle School students reflected continued environmental concerns with Green Up posters and Growing Works of Art tree projects  A survey of topics frequently explored through student art narratives across the country this year included Empathy, Hope, Fantasy, Safety, and the Environment. This exhibit covers students’ art that explores those same themes created by area art students.

Reflecting our unusual educational journey this year we will have work from students who have been involved in full remote learning, hybrid in school classes and now full in-person classes for younger students. Despite their mode of learning, the work exhibits how students use the arts to help them make sense of the world and to promote emotional well-being.

Chandler Gallery Hours: 

Saturday's 12-4 and

When Chandler Offices are open.

Look for the Open Flag.


Social Distancing and COVID Guidelines are in place

Full remote elementary students were asked to reflect on the theme I AM HERE in the early fall and used a variety of materials to provide their individual stories. One first-grader used a rough face template to create a digital self-portrait of herself with the art tools provided in her online learning platform  Seesaw. Masked and with headphones she securely and serenely ignores the tiny white germs that surround her. Elementary students at RES created clay viruses that imaginatively gave them a feeling of control in our uncertain times by discovering new stains that might make you addicted to candy or puke green.

As we can gather in small socially distanced and masked groups this spring stop by Chandler Gallery and be uplifted by the student art on display. It is almost as promising as the availability of vaccines. The Gallery is open to visitors with safe guidelines when the Chandler Office is open and on Saturdays from 12-4. Look for the open flag and share your comments with students in our guestbook or on social media.