Being part of something bigger than ourselves, a place where we can be who we are, a community in which we feel at home… All of us want to be connected to what we care about. Being a Member means you are an important part of the whole. Being a Member means you provide the support that is needed for us to continue. Bringing top-tier live music and entertainment to rural Central Vermont is a financial challenge. Keeping our youth engaged is a Chandler priority, with new hurdles each generation. Providing innovative productions with fresh perspectives and voices that support our creative economy, is why we exist. Please help Chandler continue this work and sustain the rich history of all that Chandler Center for the Arts makes possible in our community. 


Chandler Center for the Arts 

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    Live Music, Theater, Comedy,

    Visual Arts and Community

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    Chandler Center for the Arts

    71 N Main Street

    Randolph Vermont 05060


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