Creative Movement & Traditional Music session 2


Wednesdays: 3:00 to 3:45 PM
Ages 4-8
Location: Chandler Center for the Arts

This is the second of two 5-week sessions March 8 – April 5 and April 25 – May 24. You may sign up for one or both sessions

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Product Description

Creative Movement & Traditional Music with Nicole Conte Stevens

Students will move, sing and share ideas through traditional singing games and creative dance activities. Instruments such as guitar, drum and tambourine, as well as stories and maps, will help us explore musical traditions from Vermont and beyond while inventing some of our own.

Note: Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for active movement.

For Wednesday classes, kids may take the bus to Chandler! Contact Emily Crosby if you are interested in this option.

Nicole Conte Stevens (a VT-certified teacher) will meet the bus outside and greet her students. Your child should bring a snack and water bottle. Youth ages 9 to 12 enrolled in Creative Theater Arts may also participate in the Creative Movement & Traditional Music class in a special mentoring role at half-price. If older students prefer not to participate in the first class, they will be asked to sit in the Esther Mesh room and quietly read or do homework; they cannot be left unsupervised outside of the room. Students enrolled in only Creative Movement & Traditional Music must be picked up at Chandler by 4 PM.

Instructor Bio: Nicole Conte Stevens has an extensive background as an educator with a focus on creative arts and environmental learning. She has a BA from Dartmouth College, MS from Antioch University New England and a Vermont teaching license. She teaches at Chandler Center for the Arts, Earth Community Nature Center, ArtisTree Community Arts Center and local schools. In 2016, she co-directed The Little Prince the play for BarnArts Center for the Arts. She performs regularly with two dance groups and strives to inspire confidence, joy, creativity and interconnectedness as artist and teacher.