Donations to Chandler help us keep ticket prices community-friendly, provide diverse arts education and performance opportunities for youth, vitalize a major community resource, and make possible all the wonderful programming at Chandler.

Supporters tell us they also value other aspects of the Chandler experience: our beautiful Music Hall and Main Gallery, the intimate quality of Chandler performances, the welcoming “new” front plaza and Upper Gallery, our connections with and support for regional artists and musicians, Chandler’s strong volunteer force, the attractive restrooms throughout the building, our fully-accessible and fire-protected renovated facility, the warm and cozy kitchen, and the varied events and gallery exhibits we present year round, many of these involving community members.

We cordially invite you now to join your friends and neighbors in becoming a donor.

Gifts via credit card can be made securely online, using the donation form at the bottom of this page. If you would like to mail a donation or donate anonymously, please print out the donation form. All gifts will be included in our contributors’ list updated twice annually.

We also encourage the donation of gifts of appreciated stock. This may be an opportune time to do so, with the IRS now requiring an assignment of basis to all securities, a task which may be difficult for stocks held over a long period. If however donors give appreciated stock to a qualified charity such as Chandler, they are allowed to deduct the full amount of the value of the stock at the time it is donated, on Schedule A of their tax return if they itemize deductions. If you would like to donate appreciated stock to Chandler, we encourage you to consult your financial adviser and then call Chandler’s transfer agent Edward Jones at (802) 728-4602 for transfer details.

Or, for those of you who may need your assets during your lifetime, consider a planned gift.

  • You could name Chandler in your will or trust by simply adding a codicil to your will or amending your trust. Either would not take your lawyer long to do, and would also provide a good opportunity to review your entire estate plan with your lawyer, making sure it is up to date and takes into consideration events which may have taken place in your family.
  • You could name Chandler as a beneficiary on the BENEFICIARY FORM of your IRA. This is easy to do yourself, but you should consult your lawyer or financial advisor to ensure that your entire estate plan is in order. Your heirs will have to pay income tax at their ordinary income tax rate on what they receive in inherited IRA, but Chandler will not, so it may be wise to leave other assets to your heirs.

Chandler Donation