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Due to COVID-19 this show has been canceled.
New Repertory Theatre
Thursday March 31st - 10am
Chandler Main Stage
Tickets: $8 General Admission
              $6 Non Profit Groups*

Chandler is please to welcome New Repertory Theatre's Production of THURGOOD by George Stevens, Jr., directed by Benny Sato Ambush, and featuring Johnny Lee Davenport.

Thurgood spans Justice Thurgood Marshall's impressive career as a lawyer, arguing such landmark cases as Brown v. Board of Education, and a remarkable tribute to Marshall's enduring legacy as the first African-American to sit on the Supreme Court.

The performance will last 90 minutes including a Q&A afterwards. 


"Thurgood Marshall is the Civil Rights Movement's unsung hero. His nomination to the Supreme Court literally changed America.  Looking  to  the future sometimes means revisiting the past. By doing this play, I hope to remind, maybe even forewarn people that the politics of our  country  and the laws governing our nation, based on the Constitution of the United States, apply to, and protect all Americans. Not just the rich, not just the privileged, and certainly not just the interests of certain individuals. Thurgood gives us hope and the assurance that one man can make a difference!"

           ~ Actor Johnny Lee Davenport.

* Groups must be non profit and pay by check. Contact Seth at ext 105 for more Information.

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