Vermont Pride Theater auditions


WHAT: auditions for the Vermont premiere of Deborah Salem Smith’s drama Love Alone and for the Northeast premiere of DC Cathro’s comedy Family Holiday

Love Alone: When a patient dies during a routine medical procedure, the aftermath can be agonizing, both for loved ones and for the medical team involved. This intelligent play explores how such a tragedy affects the long-time same-sex partner and the biological daughter of the deceased, as well as the young doctor who is experiencing her first “bad outcome”.

Family Holiday: RJ goes home for the holidays, hoping to have a relaxing time with his family and best friend. He arrives to find his sister newly single, his Nana on a health kick, his mother dashing in and out, and his father nervous about all of the strange behavior. Secrets are revealed and RJ is stuck in the middle of this fast-paced holiday farce for modern times.

AUDITIONS: Saturday April 1, 10 AM – 1 PM, Chandler Music Hall, Randolph

ROLES TO BE CAST in Love Alone

Helen Warren, 51, a realtor

Clementine, late teens/early 20s, Helen’s daughter, lead singer of a band (must be a seasoned musician, able to sing and play an instrument)

Dr. Becca Neal, 33, an anesthesiologist

J.P. Whiteman, 35, Becca’s husband

decedent services rep, nurse, lawyer, all to be played by one actress

ROLES TO BE CAST in Family Holiday

RJ (Ronald Junior), late 20s-early 30s, a veterinarian

Junior (Judith Junior), late-20s-mid 30s, RJ’s sister

Judith, mom, Ron’s wife, 50s, a tad neurotic

Ron, dad, Judith’s husband, 50s, no nonsense

Nana, Ron’s mother, 70s, feisty

Andy, RJ’s oldest friend, late 20s-early 30s, laid back

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: To be set jointly by the director and the actors

PERFORMANCES: Twice during the weekends of July 21-30, the seventh annual Vermont Pride Theater Summer Festival. The festival presents onstage the issues and concerns of LGBTQ+ Vermonters in a context that encourages audience interaction with performers, via post-performance talkbacks and receptions. Actors will be expected to participate in these activities, and in advance of performances to be available for cast photos and an interview with area press.

During the festival, the LGBTQ+ Ten-Fest Out of the Closet will also be presented.

REMUNERATION: $150 stipend

COME TO THE AUDITION WITH a prepared monologue less than 2 minutes in length, plus your headshot and your theatrical resume

To audition for Love Alone, contact Margo Whitcomb at

To audition for Family Holiday, contact Nancy Manney at

If you wish to audition for both, please let Margo or Nancy know when you contact her.