Bob and Sarah Amos band

Aug 6
A father/daughter band the breaks the bluegrass mold.


Corner House

AUG 26
Corner House weaves together lush instrumental textures, thoughtful arrangements, and intimate lyrics, culminating in an exciting collection of tunes and four friends making art that transports us
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30th Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival

Aug 8-Aug 20

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30th New Word Festival

Sept 4
30 Years of Music & Memories
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Vermont Social Justice Festival - VSJF
VSJF, pronounced like "mischief", sounds like "good trouble".
Chandler Center for the Arts will build on its successful 10 years of Vermont Pride Theater and
reinvent our LGBTQ-themed festival to include all contemporary Social Justice Issues. The
Vermont Social Justice Festival will bring together a collaborative team of artists and activists
to address head-on themes of social justice and create impactful, community action-steps to
challenge status-quo practices and raise local awareness.

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Thank you to our sustaining sponsors

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