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Volunteers are to non-profits what the heart is to the human body.  A way to be sure that an organization is vital. Volunteers keep things moving, making sure that every part of the organization is infused with new energy, are a source of new ideas and inspiration. Without volunteers we simply wouldn't be able to keep our doors open.


Whether it's your first time volunteering at Chandler, or you've already given decades to help us survive, we welcome your energy and appreciate your support.


We know your time is precious and want you to find fulfilment in the experience of helping Chandler fulfill its mission.  We need volunteers for ushering, being gallery sitters, assisting 

with events, and putting up posters in nearby towns.

Please indicate your areas of interest and the times of day or days of the week you are most available, and we will be in touch with some upcoming opportunities to volunteer.

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