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Le Vent du Nord rocks the dance tent as night deepens around the 2018 New World Festival, hosted by Chandler annually in our beautiful downtown Randolph, Vermont.
Photo by Bob Eddy / The Herald

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Friends, save the date: Sept. 4, 2022, Noon to Midnight (12pm-12am)!


Tickets are available online or in person the day of the event.

$50 for adults ($30 after 6 pm), $15 for students (ages 13-21), and kids 12 and under get in for free!

You won’t be able to keep your feet still during Vermont’s annual celebration of traditional Celtic and French Canadian Music and Dance.


The schedule is as follows:


Festival Map


Artist Bios

The Alt — This trio—comprised of John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O'Leary—weaves tight harmonies with stellar musicianship. Individually, each player in The Alt is a leading light of today’s folk scene, yet in this case, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts. The beautiful mountain Knocknarea in Ireland’s County Sligo is said to be the final resting place of the ancient Irish warrior-queen Maeve. The ‘Alt’ is a storied glen on the side of this mountain, and it was in the shadow of this glen in the little village of Coolaney that these three master Irish traditional musicians first gathered to rehearse. The old ballads, winding tunes, and freshly discovered songs that each artist brings to the table reflect the pure love of the song that has made Irish music so beautiful and compelling over thousands of years. 


Le Vent du Nord — Considered a driving force in progressive folk, Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen party, infusing old Québec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air. The group’s vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions, while enhancing it’s hard-driving soulful music (rooted in the Celtic diaspora) with a broad range of global influences. “Featuring button accordion, guitar and fiddle, the band’s sound is defined by the hurdy-gurdy, which adds an earthy, rough-hewn flavor to even the most buoyant dance tunes.” — Boston Herald


Karan Casey Trio — The Glasgow Herald described legendary Irish singer Karan Casey as the “most soulful singer to emerge in Irish traditional music in the past decade.” Renowned for singing songs charged with a sense of social responsibility, Karan Casey was a founder of the traditional Irish supergroup Solas. Karan is joined by Niamh Dunne on fiddle and vocals, and guitarist and accordionist Sean Óg Graham (both of the Irish folk band Beoga). The evocative trio have toured together for several years and this show premieres new material developed and recorded since the start of the pandemic as well as favorites from Karan’s back repertoire. The songs draw inspiration from a wide range of sources from the personal to the historical and political, touching on themes of family, loss, love, the empowerment of women and Irish revolutionary struggle.



Hailing from the cities of Armagh and Derry, Connla features Ciara McCafferty (vocals), Ciaran Carlin (Flute/Whistles), Paul Starrett (Guitar), Emer Mallon (Harp), and Conor Mallon (Uilleann Pipes/Whistles). Labeled as the Hottest New Group out of Northern Ireland, (Chicago Irish American News) Connla have been quickly making an impact on the folk/traditional scene. The group is a full mix of musical knowledge, training and performance experience unusual in a group this young. All are close friends and/or family with a long history together in the Northern musical scene. Each has won several performance awards. The resulting music is satisfyingly complex, yet directly and easily accessible. This is that rare group that is musically attractive to the experienced trad purist, as well as the music fan newly introduced to this music.


Cantrip — The New World Festival wouldn’t be complete without this dynamic band from Scotland. This trio of Scottish traditional musicians has been stunning audiences on several sides of the Atlantic for over a decade with its driving blend of fiddle (Jon Bews), bagpipes (Dan Houghton), and guitar (Eric McDonald). Weaving together songs and tunes, both traditional and contemporary, Cantrip takes the audience on a cultural journey, putting their own spin on each style. Together they create a musical fabric of the finest colors and textures, with fiddles, Scottish bagpipes, guitar, and bouzouki. Their sound is driving and inspiring in the reels and jigs, sensitive and contemplative in their slow airs, and never without a touch of humor. 


É.T.É. — Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette and Élisabeth Giroux, offer a very dynamic and modern vision of Québec traditional music.Their musical arrangements are shaded with influences of folk, progressive rock and classical music interpreted on fiddle, Irish bouzouki and cello. With rich vocal harmonies, musical drive, instrumental virtuosity and engaging stage presence, É.T.É transforms the traditional kitchen party into an unforgettably entertaining and lively performance.


Yann Falquet is an active and creative acoustic guitar player and teacher on the Québécois music scene. He has explored many styles of music and completed a Bachelors degree in Jazz. His personal guitar style for Québec folk music is inspired by the playing of the accompanists of different cultures (Brittany, Scandinavia, Ireland, North America). His involvement in the province's traditional music scene has brought Yann to perform on numerous recordings, and to tour regularly throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia with his main project Genticorum.


Keith Murphy — A native of Newfoundland, Keith has amassed a traditional song repertoire based in Eastern Canada, Québec and Vermont. His direct and intimate style of traditional singing in English and French infuses old ballads and songs with a powerful immediacy while his rhythmic and percussive finger style of guitar playing brings new shape and color to his songs. Keith is an accomplished composer and arranger in the realm of traditional music and has also composed for theater and film.

Bon Débarras — The warm-hearted trio unites the worlds of music, dance and poetry through a collaboration between Montreal artists Dominic Desrochers, Jean-François Dumas and Véronique Plasse. Their original repertoire is steeped in poetry and rhythmic sounds, with traditional Quebec flavors. On guitar, banjo, violin and harmonica, the group carries an identity, a style and an energy-filled zest for life uniquely and beautifully served by the versatility of the musicians as well as their jaw-dropping step dance and vivid body percussion.

Laurel Martin, Mark Roberts & Kieran Jordan — Massachusetts residents Laurel Martin (fiddle), Mark Roberts (flute, banjo, bouzouki), and Kieran Jordan (sean-nós / old style step dance) perform traditional Irish music and dance with the sweetest of melodies and heartiest of grooves. As long-time friends through music, these three artists have collaborated together for many years, performing as a trio throughout New England, and also touring with the fiddle ensemble, Childsplay. As a trio, they perform with lyricism, emotion, and consummate skill, weaving dance and music together as one.


Zigue — Since 1992, Claude Méthé and Dana Whittle have performed, composed and shared everything musical. They are both dynamic singers and prolific composers in love with the Québécois trad-inspired music they make together.  Claude’s raw, emotional singing and authentic fiddling is seamlessly matched to the accompaniment of his longtime partner, herself a rhythmic and vocal powerhouse. Together, they deliver the kind of magic that is the hallmark of musical families – as demonstrated by their equally musical children. Their son Aimé Méthé will join them at the festival.


Turning Stile — Joanne Garton on fiddle and dance and multi-instrumentalist and dancer Aaron Marcus comprise The Turning Stile, an active dance and concert band since 2008. From driving traditional dance tunes to modern compositions, Aaron and Joanne communicate rhythm, stories, feelings, and fun. Joanne’s fiddle music and step dancing absorbed local Irish and Quebecois influences during her ten years in Montreal where she performed with the bands Garton's Crimson Avengers and MacFinn. Aaron Marcus brings their own energy and creativity to The Turning Stile whether they are vamping on a 16th century English tune or clogging while playing the banjo.


Méli Tremblay-Bourassa — A Jeune Ballet du Québec graduate, Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa has worked professionally as a dancer, a dance master, a choreographer, a dance caller and an entertainer since 2003. After working as an expert in Québec step dancing with Cirque du Soleil, she took part in the creation of ZAIA, to develop her acting skills and to discover the art of clowning. ln 2011, she co-founded Les Bordéliques danse et musique. These experiences exemplify her artistic process based on choreographic fusion (step dancing, ballet, contemporary) and integration of acting/clown work into choreography.


Alexis Chartrand — Montreal violinist Alexis Chartrand is an active performer on the Québec and international scene. Inspired by Québec's traditional music and dances, he is known for his energetic accompaniment of jig and figure dances and has pursued an interest in Irish and Scottish music and early music repertoire. He has also studied classical music and contemporary composition. He frequently collaborates with dancers Anne-Marie Gardette, Pierre Chartrand, and Antoine Turmine and performs regularly with the guitarists Marc Maziade, Colin Savoie-Levac, Peter Senn, and Yann Falquet. He has also participated in concerts with Rapetipetam, MAZ, and Danse Cadence.


Nicolas Babineau — Nicolas discovered the music at the age of 7, trying the unused violin of his grandfather. Accepted as a violin student at the Conservatory of Classical Music in Trois-Rivières, Nicolas continues to learn several instruments, including guitar, electric bass, mandolin, banjo and Irish bouzouki. Specializing in traditional Québécois music, Nicolas went to the United States, France, England and represented French Canada at the Canadian Pavilion at the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. 


Spintuition — This New England band blends creativity and tradition into tight harmony and joyous rhythms. Silas Hamilton (Guitar, Piano, Fiddle, Feet), Willy Clemetson (Fiddle, Feet), and Samuel Foucher (Accordion, Piano) have crafted a compelling mixture of spicy new tunes and glorious old favorites in the styles of trad-Irish, French-Canadian, and Old Time. In 2019, Spintuition tied for first place in the Young Tradition Vermont contest in Burlington.


Jocelyn & Ellen — From Canada and the US, Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira are a dynamic fiddle and cello duo. After meeting in Scotland in 2018, they joined musical forces, captivating audiences on both sides of the Atlantic with performances that fuse traditional and contemporary influences. Together they weave a rhythmically driving and textured sound through original melodies, and high-energy tunes from Scotland, Ireland, North America, and Scandinavia, complemented by interwoven vocal harmonies, and lively stepdancing.


Nils Fredland — Nils has been calling dances with skill and energy since 2000. He draws his material from a large and varied repertoire of dances, ranging from the centuries-old “chestnut” contra dances, to the most cutting-edge contra dance choreography that exists today. Also a square dance caller, Nils is well known for breathing new life into traditional singing squares from the mid-twentieth century. In addition to his work as a dance caller, Nils is a trombonist, performing notably as both resident dance caller and trombone player with the dance band, Elixir.


No Strings Marionettes — No Strings Marionettes Puppeteers Dan Baginski and Barbara Paulson have toured America together for almost two decades.  Their traveling stage transforms any space into an intimate theater, where the seamless blend of movement, music and masterful manipulation captivates young and old alike. With puppeteers in full view,  the audience sees how the puppets are brought to life. These Vermont artisans lovingly hand craft the marionettes, props and scenery, whether for an original tale or an adaptation of a classic.


Ian Gauthier — Vermont native Ian Gauthier plays the Scottish smallpipes and Highland bagpipes. He works as the Children’s Librarian at Aldrich Public Library, plays with Catamount Pipe Band, and studies Scottish Gaelic with Sgoil Gàidhlig Bhaile an Taigh Mhóir. Ian has taken workshops at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland and Gaelic song workshops with local singer and harper Dominique Dodge. He will be leading introductory Scottish Gaelic language tutorials at the New Hampshire Highland Games this September. 


Tory Brillhart — A fixture in the Vermont and New Hampshire traditional music scenes, Tory Brillhart leads sessions and performs with a variety of acts, including her current project, the Cape Breton-inspired band, Footworks. Inspired by the driving beat of Cape Breton music, Tory’s guitar accompaniment provides a powerful rhythm to traditional songs and tunes.  Tory divides her time between performing as a musician, homeschooling her three daughters, and working as a Registered Nurse.


Rachel Clemente — New England based pedal and traditional Scottish harpist, Rachel Clemente began her harp training as a student of the Suzuki method. She discovered her love of Scottish music through events and competitions held by the Scottish Harp Society of America and the Ohio Scottish Arts School. Her musical education continued at Interlochen Arts Academy graduated in 2018 from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow with a bachelors degree in traditional Scottish music. Her accolades include winner of U.S National Scottish Harp Champion in 2016 and the winner of Princess Margaret of the Isles Clàrsach Competition (USA) in 2021.


Beth Telford — Beth specializes in Celtic music, particularly the music of Cape Breton, and was mentored by the legendary Cape Breton fiddler, Jerry Holland. In addition to playing concerts, dances and weddings, Beth has taught fiddle to scores of area students of all ages and has run a Cape Breton fiddle and dance camp for many years. She teaches fiddle students of all levels, as well as beginning classical students, and utilizes both ear training and music reading in her teaching.


Fern Tamagini-O'Donnell — The Young Tradition Vermont (YTVT) 2022 winner is a musician and dancer who has been involved as a group member and performer with YTVT.  In addition to winning the 2022 Contest with Hilary Menegaz Weitzner, she has contributed to several programs, including Youth Leader for the Touring Group, member of the Youth Commission, and featured artist for performance showcases. She has participated in benefit events, and has supported and taught fellow YTVT students.


Midnight Capers — The Midnight Capers, a Morris team from the central VT area, will be dancing once again this year at the New World Festival. The team has been dancing together since 1981, performing English Cotswold Morris dances, some traditional dances, and many dances choreographed by members of the team. The group has a rich performance history, including annual performances at the New World Festival.


Instrument Petting Zoo — Presented by Young Tradition Vermont, the Instrument Petting Zoo (IPZ) is a collection of instruments that invites interaction! The sign says ‘please touch the instruments!’ (IPZ) will be installed 1pm and 4pm. Zookeepers would love to see you. 

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Win a Trip for two to Ireland!

Who doesn't dream of going to Ireland and enjoying a week of travel, music, and adventure? Chandler Center for the Arts in Randolph, Vermont has hosted the New World Festival each year for the past 30 years. This full-day festival celebrates Celtic and French Canadian music, dance and culture.  This year, to celebrate our 30th festival we are giving one lucky winner a trip for two to Ireland.  The vacation package includes airfare and accommodations for seven days and six nights, and can be tailored to suit the winners interests and preference of location within Ireland.  May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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