Chandler's Mission:

To strengthen and energize our community, to deepen the cultural and artistic growth of youth, to offer opportunities for people to come together in celebration of the arts, to inspire and cultivate artistic expression and education in the performing and visual arts for people of all ages and incomes.

Chandler's Board of Directors:

Ramsey Papp




I support Chandler because it was the first place where I really saw my kids fall in love with Theater and Music!  My experience with the youth programs has shown me that it is a very important opportunity to be a part of something exciting in just the right way for each individual.  This is true for adults as well as youth.  Chandler gave me the chance to challenge myself to put it all out there on stage and it was a profound experience! Having an arts facility like this one in our small town is an amazing advantage to living here! 

Nancy Wuttke


South Royalton


Daryll Breau


I believe in Chandler Center for the Arts because talent has to be born, realized, nurtured and inspired. Talent is everywhere. Places like Chandler are where the next generation of talent can develop and where we can gather as a community to experience the Arts. 

Mario Hankerson


Barre Town


Janet Watton

Past President

Randolph Center

The arts in the way of music, fine arts, and the spoken word of theater and poetry are an important element of our lives, bringing us away from the every day and into a rich, more introspective realm. I support Chandler as we play such an important role in bringing so many elements of the arts into the lives of the members of our community and even beyond.  We offer people the opportunity to kick back and relax, to learn something new, or even participate themselves in many ways in the creation of the arts, especially our youngsters who can enjoy being on stage or backstage, or showing their own work on our gallery walls.

Marina Aronson




Nathan Cleveland




Sharon Rives


I support Chandler because it reaches out to all sorts of people. For example, it's the only place in the state that gives LGBTQ people a voice on its stage every year; and this past summer, it offered $5 tickets to SNAP/3 Squares VT participants. The arts are for everyone, and Chandler tries to make that a reality in our community and region.   

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