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Welcome to Live & Upstairs at Chandler


No need to stand on ceremony


Stop by, sit back, and enjoy

casual, live music in the Upper Gallery

Usually on Friday nights

(but check the schedule)

These shows are "By Donation"

feel free to stop in and check them out.

Sometimes you just need to relax, kick back with a few friends and neighbors hear the music feel what's real

Most shows are BYOB unless we've convinced a local brewer to come over and pour.

Brewer nights will be noted on the schedule below. So if you don't see one listed feel free to bring your own.

Louise Bichan & Ethan Setiawan


Feb 1st 7:30pm

Orkney (Scotland) born fiddler Louise Bichan and Indiana (USA) mandolinist Ethan Setiawan join forces to explore fiddle traditions from Scotland to Appalachia, via Scandinavia and Canada. New compositions, informed by these traditions and by the wealth of inspiration their current home of Boston (USA) has to offer, blend together with age old tunes. 

Funk Shui Dance Party


Feb 8th 7:30pm

Funk Shui explores the fine balance between Funk and Soul. We are a 7-piece ensemble based in the Mad River Valley and performing throughout Vermont. Through our love of creating funky music, it’s our goal to get you movin’ and groovin’ to our melodic, syncopated rhythms and interwoven horn lines. We bring a solid 4-piece rhythm section, a 3-piece horn section, and a female vocalist’s talent that spills over into the horn section.

We feel that performing funk and soul should be a shared fun-filled experience that engages the audience and creates good times. Funk Shui is here to welcome you into the funk fold!

Sky Blue Boys


May 1st 7:30pm

Banjo Dan & Willy Linder - A living Tradition

In the mind’s eye, they’re standing on a humble stage somewhere – in a small-town Grange hall, a rural schoolhouse, an outdoor music park with plank benches for the spectators. Two fellows with a mandolin and guitar and a single microphone between them, their music nearly seamless, built of habit, their voices fused in the special blend produced by kinship. They were called “brothers duets,” and there was a period in the 1900s when this was the predominant format in American rural music, practiced by now-legendary teams of brothers on radio stations and personal appearances throughout the countryside.



May 8th 7:30pm

Triton is Jeremiah McLane, from Sharon Vermont on accordion, vocals, keyboard; Tim Cummings from Burlington Vermont on whistles, small pipes, vocals; and Alex Kehler, from Québec on fiddle, nykelharpa, and vocals.

The trio plays a beguiling and orchestral blend of music rooted in the traditional dance repertoire of Northwestern Europe. In addition to songs in French, their repertoire includes bourrées from central France, triple-time hornpipes from the Scottish Borders, the Swedish slängpolska, the Breton hanter dro, and compelling originals reflecting these influences. Unified by their zeal and musical craftsmanship, their performances are also punctuated with engaging commentary on the music and instruments. 

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