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You are about to embark upon a wonderful adventure for both your child and your family!  For those of you new to this process, the adventure can be a bit confusing or overwhelming at times, and we hope the information in this document will help orient you.  If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.

Chandler's Summer Youth Musical
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Chandler charge a registration fee for this experience?
    The 15-18 your child is at Chandler, is a bit like a camp experience. After comparing the costs of our program with other summer programming, we feel that our fees are fair ones. A similar experience in White River Junction would cost over $400, costs more than $600 at The Flynn, and a 5-day mornings-only sports camp sponsored by area schools or organizations costs around $100.
  • The registration fee is just too much for our family.
    Please speak to us! We are able to offer scholarship assistance, and have opportunities for a greater level of parent involvement that will reduce the registration fee, as well.
  • So, if you charge registration fees, why do we also need to purchase tickets and help with food and refreshment sales?"
    It's hard to believe, but the costs of mounting a fully-staged musical come to more than $30,000! Royalties and script rental, directors' and musicians' fees, advertising, printing, sets, props and costumes, technical support, t-shirts, custodial expenses and general overhead all add up quickly. Income from ticket sales and intermission food sales not only helps to defray production expenses, it helps to subsidize programming throughout the year and ongoing maintenance and restoration of this wonderful historic Music Hall.
  • Why are families asked to contribute time to this production?
    Volunteer efforts are a huge part of everything we do at Chandler. We really are a community arts organization. The time you spend helping with set construction, sewing costumes, monitoring the dressing rooms on performance nights, working in the box office, or preparing food for hungry cast and crew members, not only assists the directors and ensures the success of the production, it is an essential ingredient in the community that is created at Chandler each summer. Long after the set is dismantled, costumes are cleaned and put away, and scripts are returned, this sense of community remains and enriches life throughout the year. Families who have participated in these productions together have found the unexpected benefit of strengthened family ties through work toward a common goal. When children are seen through the eyes of adults other than their parents, and parents are appreciated by other youth, a new respect and appreciation for family members is inspired.
  • The schedule is confusing!
    The schedule is posted on our website and on facebook in non public areas. Please reach out if you need help figuring it out or determining if your child is part of a particular scene. As always you can email The directors try their best to be respectful of all the effort involved in getting your student to Chandler for rehearsals. There are times when the rehearsal schedule will seem incredibly inefficient. As carefully as we plan, mistakes do occur. Sometimes a scene or musical number needs more or less time than anticipated, and either the schedule is backed up, or suddenly your child has empty time you hadn't counted on. We do know that there is great value in “down” time. This is a time for kids to connect with each other on a deeper level, to help with other aspects of the production, or just to sit in the audience and cheer their peers on.
  • Are the kids required to stay at Chandler/On-Location all day?
    This is something each family needs to work out with their own child(ren) on an individual basis. Kids are welcome to stay even when their presence is not required, but elementary students must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult when not in rehearsal. While they are at Chandler and not participating in a particular rehearsal, we require behavior that is respectful to other students and adults, as well as to our 110-year-old building! If behavior issues arise, the directors reserve the right to take away this privilege. The kids take great pleasure in watching this production unfold, and we welcome their presence, as well as your presence throughout the day.
  • What about going “out of Chandler” or "off location" for a break?"
    Again, this is something each family needs to address individually. Most older kids have the freedom to leave Chandler during their breaks, and many walk downtown for lunch or ice cream. We do our best to stress that even when they are away from Chandler, they are representing the production. They are expected to represent us well! Older students may not drive other students without permission.
  • Getting my child to and from Chandler is a huge commitment and difficult with my job.
    Many families come with established carpools. Others find that these relationships evolve and ease the demands of carpooling every morning and evening. We can always use the parent email list, facebook or the bulletin board to try to find help for you.
  • What about getting tickets?
    In-house ticket sales are offered to cast and crew and their families before tickets go on sale to the general public. We are unable to hold tickets without payment. We are happy to accept cash, checks, or a credit card. Please note that tickets are non-refundable. They may be exchanged for another performance if the tickets are returned 48 hours in advance and if seating is available for the desired performance. Box office hours are 12-5 PM Tuesday through Fridays during the musical rehearsal weeks. For weekend performances, the box office will open 1.5 hours before showtime.
  • I’ve signed up to usher; do I still need to purchase a ticket for that performance?
    For each performance, we will designate 2-3 usher captains who agree to be available to seat latecomers, in case of emergencies during the performance, and for general clean-up and organization of the Music Hall and lobby area after the performance. Because of this increased responsibility, these volunteers will not be required to purchase tickets. We do ask that all other ushers support the production through the purchase of a ticket. Remember that this is an important fundraiser for Chandler!
  • It's over and now we're experiencing withdrawal!
    These weeks are a magical experience that flies by! New friendships are made, news skills acquired, and greater self-confidence emerges. It's an intense and wonderful experience that's hard to let go of! We find that the relationships forged during this time are strong ones that weather time and distance, and coming back to Chandler is like coming home. If this is your family's first musical experience, we hope it's the beginning of many connections at Chandler.
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